Cyprien Lireux

2022 Parcimonie

BLEND | 50% sweet/bittersweet (Boudin, Douce Moen, Douce Coelinier), 25% very tart (Petit Jeanne and René Martin), and 25% very bitter (Frequin Rouge and Marie Menard)

ORCHARDS | Parcimonie means: “in small quantities, here and there, sparingly.” This vintage, comprised of many varieties, comes from several small orchards ranging from 30-50 years old. Hand picked apples from all across Normandy with a ‘high tailoring’ (‘haute-tige’), which is in contrast to ‘basse-tige’ which is often planted densely, with higher yields but also shorter lifespan for the trees and prone to diseases with the need for pesticides and irrigation and more bud removal.

ELEVAGE | All varieties are carefully selected by hand, sometimes only a few bags. After picking, the apples undergo a long maturation (2-4 weeks) in wood crates before pressing. Slow fermentation with native yeasts to fully express the aromatic potential of the fruits. The yeasts are filtered at roughly 40g/L residual sugar level with primary fermentation stopped before bottling, The bottles are left to age for 2 months with the small amount of yeasts left starting a secondary fermentation in bottle for its petillance. At this stage, residual sugar level usually comes to 25g/L. with no additives or sulfites.