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BK Wines

BK Wines was established in 2007 by Brendon and Kirstyn Keys. Today, they are the poster child for the modern artisan, natural wine movement in the Adelaide Hills. “The goal has been to create fabulous art. Beautiful, unique, sensuous, deceptively minimalist, envelope-pushing art. With no pretentions to be somewhere it’s not and few preconceived notions about what wine styles to expect, this is a place where non-conformity is the rule.” The wines are all from small, single vineyard sites, fermented with wild yeasts, unfined and unfiltered, some with extended skin contacts and of course, the use of clay fermentation eggs. Artist, winemaker, skater.

ADELAIDE HILLS || As Brendon says, Adelaide Hills is “just a cracking great place to live and make wine.” Working closely with a group of growers, BK sources from particular vineyard sites that reflect the uniqueness and diversity of the region.